Headlight Warning Buzzer
Sound and heat insulating your LBC floor and Tunnel
Travel Supplies for your LBC
Making your own engine valences-GT6
Hardware Refurbishment
Triplex Date Codes
Heater Box Rebuild
Horn Repair: 1971 MGB GT
Rebuilding a 69 GT6 rotoflex suspension
Fuel & Temp Gauge Calibration
OD Auto Off
Carpet replacement

Here are some tech articles written by our club members. Hopefully you’ll find them useful as you tackle your own LBC projects. While some of them are marque specific, often they can apply to many different cars. If you complete a project on your car – large or small – and you think others would benefit from what you learned or how you did it, please write up a short article and send it to our webmaster to be included here.

We’ve also complied a list of club tech advisors. These are members who have above average knowledge of specific marques/models and/or particular areas (i.e. electrical) and have volunteered to answer questions or in some cases, even provide assistance with your car dilemmas. If you feel you have some expertise with a particular marque/model or area, let our president know and we’ll get you added to the list.

Jean Preis (ASE mech.)

[email protected]
Jag, Land Rover, all makes

Kelvin Dodd (Moss Tech Sup.)

[email protected]
MGA-MGC, all makes

Joel Justin

[email protected]
Triumph TR2-6, GT6

Gerald Davies

[email protected]
TR7, TR8

Paul Wittrock

[email protected]

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